Employability Skills Training

Our course offers employability skills training with the right blend of Soft Skills, Business Communication and basic coumpter course
Stock market classes
  • Ideal batch size for better interaction & learning
  • Highly experienced & skilled trainers with extensive hands on practice.
  • Course tailored to meet industry standards as per need analysis for beneficiaries
  • Course design employs a logical progression from basic to advance levels
  • Unique pedagogy with rle plays, case studies and practicals
  • Equips learners with employability skills training and knowledge that are of current practice of trade
  • Project based learning through On-Job-Training (OJT)
  • Access to industry experts through guest lectures
  • Emphasis on skilling for the future with focus on building self-reliant individuals
  • Certificate after completion of course
  • 100 % Placement assistance

Front Desk Manager

Eligibility :12th Pass – Any Stream - Open for all

Duration: :5 Weeks: 36 Hours


Role and responsibilities of a front desk manager.

Importance of effective front desk management.

Customer service skills and techniques.

Professionalism and etiquette at the front desk.

Handling guest inquiries, requests, and complaints.

Managing front desk operations and procedures.

Scheduling and staffing the front desk.

Handling financial transactions and accounting procedures.

Maintaining guest records and databases.

Front desk security and safety protocols

Effective communication strategies for front desk personnel.

Verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Active listening and problem-solving techniques.

Dealing with difficult guests and resolving conflicts.

Building and maintaining customer relationships

Introduction to front desk software and technology.

Using communication tools (e.g., email, phone systems).

Front desk hardware and equipment

Handling emergencies and crisis situations.

Developing emergency response plans.

Evacuation procedures and guest safety protocols.

Managing guest complaints and critical incidents.

Communication during emergency situations

Prioritizing tasks and managing time effectively.

Multitasking and organizational skills.

Front desk workflow optimization.

Managing stress and maintaining work-life balance.

Continuous improvement and personal development.


Leadership qualities and styles.

Motivating and empowering front desk staff.

Training and development of front desk personnel.

Performance management and feedback.

Building a cohesive and customer-focused front desk team

Value Education Program

Eligibility : 5th Std to 12th Std

Duration: 5 Weeks: 36 Hours


  • Highly Experienced and Skilled Trainers
  • State of Art Infrastructure and Hi-tech Labs
  • Interactive sessions (children will be encouraged to participate in the session actively)
  • Activities like storytelling, story building, quiz, impromptu talk, etc.
  • Certificate will be provided after successful completion of the course.

Stock Markets Course for Beginners

Eligibility: 12th Pass – Any Stream - Open for all

Duration: 11 Weeks: 30 Hours


Introduction to Stock Market:

Key financial concepts (e.g., revenue, profit, assets, liabilities).

Reading and interpreting financial statements.

Introduction to fundamental analysis.


Difference between investing and trading.

Risk and return in investing.

Introduction to different investment vehicles (stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds).


Introduction to market research and analysis.

Company and industry research.

Sources of financial information and research tools.


Introduction to valuation techniques.

Basics of technical analysis.

Reading stock charts and patterns.

Introduction to common technical indicators

  1. Introduction to Trading:

Basics of trading stocks.

Types of trading strategies (e.g., day trading, swing trading).

Introduction to trading orders and execution.

Risk management techniques for traders.


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